About RexxDev and Shells

The goal of Rexxdev and Shells plugin consist in providing an eclipse plugin dedicated to both Rexx language and unix script shells development environment covering both standard unix ascii and ebcdic unix platforms

RexxDev installations

The simplest way to install the plugin is through the standard eclipse

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Simple Intallation of plugin

Installing the RexxDev plugin is straightforward and based on Eclipse software update standard. follow the five easy steps below

  • From the Eclipse menu select help/Software Updates/Find and install
  • Then toggle search for new features to install and click next
  • On following panel select new remote site and enter folowing values name = RexxDev location =
  • click OK , on install panel check 'rexdev' and click finish
  • Follow the installation process restart Eclipse and you're done
  • Getting sources

    The plugin sources are made availables on the RexxDev sourceforge project pages